Leadership & Change

“A good leader doesn’t get stuck behind a desk”

A climate for success in any organisation is generated by effective leadership. Progress may be stimulated by developing technologies and systems. However, effective deployment depends on people.

We’re in the business of building the know-how, confidence and skills of leaders, from new (and aspiring) team leaders to senior executives.

Leadership cannot be separated from Change. How leaders understand their environment, strategise, prepare for and lead people through change is critical. Bridgford Consultancy’s guiding principles for ‘leading through change’ are requested again and again.

Equally, how prepared are employees for change? We work with organisations to support teams and individuals in handling uncertainty, being resilient and focusing on the future.

Through partnering a CMI Approved Centre, we offer CMI accredited programmes leading to professional qualifications in management and leadership at levels 2, 3 or 5. Alternatively, we will design a bespoke leadership programme for you which can be accredited.

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Excellent course – many more of my colleagues should go on it

Participant on ‘Leading through Change

A dynamic session giving great ‘ideas’ about how to handle group situations with examples helping me apply to my personal work situation.

Participant on ‘Facilitating employee engagement

I would highly recommend the programme. I found the sessions invaluable in helping me analyse my own behaviour, see how I can develop areas where I lack confidence, and use the techniques learned to develop my team.

Participant on cross-sectoral leadership programme

Learning about advocacy has been hugely beneficial. It’s made me consider, not only the message, but how important it is to have a strategic approach to advocacy in a public sector organisation.

Participant on cross-sectoral leadership programme

Bridgford Consultancy is delighted to partner AWCP in offering our ‘Achieving asset management excellence’ programme.
A focus on asset management is combined with effective leadership and change management to enable your organisation to deliver cost reductions as well as increased production and/or service developments.

What is Asset Management?
Asset management isn’t something new.

  • People and organisations have owned and managed physical assets for centuries. These assets enable their organisations to produce products and deliver services.
  • When assets fail, so do production lines and services, adding cost to the organisation. However when they perform well, this delivers cost efficiency and performance improvements, adding value to the organisation.
  • Good asset management involves understanding your assets, in terms of cost, risk and performance, and knowing how to manage these assets so they support delivery of your organisation’s overall objectives.

Enhancing the asset management capability within your organisation will deliver new levels of success and greater cost efficiency.

What impact can effective leadership and change management have?
When improving your asset management capability, letting go of the old ways of working is as important as embedding the new. This will only be sustained through effective leadership and change management.

Achieving asset management excellence and embedding the benefits, requires learning and support in both asset management techniques and leadership and change management skills.

This is why Bridgford Consultancy and AWCP have come together, offering a single ‘Achieving asset management excellence’ programme combining the two.

“Arcadis is proud to be building a global team of consultants qualified to the IAM Certificate level in Asset Management, supported by AWCP.  This adds value to both our organisation, and our clients, through ensuring we understand and offer best practice asset management solutions, aligned to ISO55001 and deliver these effectively for our clients.  Thanks Andy for helping us pass more than 60 exams successfully!”

Robert van de Krol

Head Asset Management (Roads), Arcadis, Netherlands