Our Clients

Bridgford Consultancy is based in the heart of the East Midlands and offers services UK wide.  Our clients are primarily medium and large organisations in all sectors – private, public and not-for-profit.

We have the flexibility of a team of trainers and coaches, working throughout the UK, enabling us to match experience and skills to your organisational needs. Please contact us for our client list and for references.

Bridgford Consultancy has, for many years, had contracts with blue chip FTSE 100 companies in different sectors. Our consultants adapt to working with employees and managers at different levels and in different roles – operators, specialists, office staff and managers.

We enjoy our work with Charities and are always interested in adapting what we do to maximise the potential of staff in this sector.

One of our consultants is a specialist in Library & Information Work meaning we can develop programmes with a high degree of understanding & expertise.

Bridgford have consistently provided a very high level of service. They have made great efforts to really understand what is required through meeting with key individuals, and have tailored the programme appropriately. Bridgford bring a warm personal touch in their interactions at all levels. They have also been able to offer administrative support which has been of great help. We have been very happy with the way they have followed up the sessions. It’s good to know that whatever type of project we invite Bridgford to take on, we will always get a job well done.

FTSE 100 company producing integrated power systems - Bridgford Consultancy organised and delivered a major project involving several hundred employees